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The overall running design of the ski slope

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Speaking of skiing, it is always unattainable. Although there is snow in the north, most places are also sporadic light snow. Even if there is snow in the city, it will be cleaned all night due to the needs of city operation and safety/security. Snow is beyond the reach of life.

The excitement and fun of ice and snow sports are different from other sports. You can feel the charm of snow soundly and continuously.

The founder of SNOWMONKEY, loves snow sports very much. Because of love for life and wisdom, after 4 years of repeated tempering, continuous skiing attempts from home and abroad, from the inspection and selection of materials, SNOWMONKEY dry snow material finally came out, after repeated tests by professional/professional skaters, the degree of fidelity, Safety/safety, service life and other aspects can withstand the test of the market. You can flip and stop on the ski slope to demonstrate various skiing skills.


Dry snow is different from real snow. It can be skid in all seasons. It is mainly for entertainment. With the concept of "happy sports", it enriches amusement projects and combines amusement experience, extreme snowboarding, ski driving school and related sports and entertainment activities. Form a dry-snow amusement ecosystem, improve the level of fun, and carry out comprehensive operations.

The dry snow material that can slide in all seasons breaks the limitations of time and space. Children, teenagers, middle-aged people, etc. can try it as long as you want to ski. It can be built in city parks, in the suburbs, or in special/ In the industry’s venues, customers can also skate in their own homes.

At the same time, SNOWMONKEY can provide overall operation design, from project planning to material supply to post-service, providing assistance in every aspect of your operation.

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