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What about people who like skiing in summer?

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In summer, the weather is hot. If you want to go skiing to farther places or go skiing abroad, in fact, dry snowboarding is also a good choice. The Snow Monkey is specially designed to be twisted freely in 3D, and can be pasted on the basis of any shape. It is highly friendly to laying U-pools, mushroom paths, and diving platforms.

Dry snow is not affected by the season, and can be skied all year round, and dry snow fields can be built indoors and outdoors. It is also friendly to people skiing for the first time, and it feels almost the same as skiing on real snow. The dry ski resort is characterized by its four seasons operation, which solves the ski resort’s dependence on snow resources. This can not only increase income, but also maintain the stability of personnel for the operation of the ski resort, especially the management and coaching team, there are jobs to do all year round. In addition, it is helpful for the idle time of the expensive supporting facilities with the ski resort, such as hotels, ski equipment, and transportation capacity, and it is also helpful for brand building.

Dry snow is good at skiing around dry snow, creating a richer and more popular way for people to play dry snow, paying more attention to participation and entertainment, such as comprehensive dry snow sports halls, snowboard parks, children's dry snow fields, and dry snow skiing In addition, other play items have been added, so that the dry snow is not a single item, and it becomes a comprehensive sports event with the theme of speed.

Dry snow, as a way to extend the time and space of real snow, makes up for the natural law that skiing can only be carried out in the low temperature environment in winter. For China, where the difference between the north and the south is large, the ice and snow are relatively small, and the artificial snowmaking costs are high, it is appropriate to use dry snow to promote ice and snow sports.

Dry snowboarding is also a good choice in summer, and you can play whenever you want.