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What is the development power of dry snow in China?

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Dry snow extends the winter operation of ski resorts to the four seasons, extends the ski resorts on high mountains and ridges to urban areas, and extends ski sports to recreational sports. Dry snow has a relatively large mass base and is relatively popular. Through dry snow, China The development of ice and snow sports has contributed to 300 million people going to ice and snow.

Most people in China have never skied. This is due to the uneven distribution of snow resources and the willingness to cost high skiing. Dry snow moved the ski resorts into parks, squares and shopping malls, and the cost dropped sharply compared to skiing. , So that more people will go to the dry snow field to experience the fun of skiing and cultivate their interest in skiing. At the same time, the dry snow field also trains potential enthusiasts and delivers traffic for the ski resort.


Dry snow is a new sport, and it is easier for teenagers and children to participate. At the same time, adolescents and children are groups that need exercise. They are in the physical development stage and need to perform various exercises to increase their physical fitness. At present, Chinese teenagers and children lack physical exercise, especially skiing, which is important for balance, coordination, flexibility, and more importantly, the control of the body and the joints of the whole body, such as head, neck, hands, wrists, elbows, arms, etc. The shoulders, waist, legs, knees, ankles, etc. can be exercised. In addition, skiing is the basis of sports and is a way to avoid injuries from difficult movements.

The functional positioning of dry snow is different from that of real snow. For the time being, dry snow can only play the role of ski driving school and skiing in the training of skiing skills. There is still a gap with real snow in terms of skills training, but dry snow The advantage lies in time and space advantages and entertainment, which provides powerful conditions for the public to participate in skiing entertainment. Therefore, the function of the dry snow field should highlight the characteristics of richer, more interesting and more popular entertainment skiing.