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How to maintain dry ski mats?

Release time:2021-03-29SNOW MONKEYClick:1017

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Dry ski mats is a derivative of real snow, which is a product developed to solve the shortcoming of short season of real snow. Its unique feature is that it is not limited by time and region. There are many kinds of dry ski products and their similarity with real snow is also different. On dry ski products with high similarity, the feeling of the feet will be very close to the real snow. Skiers can practice and improve their skills on dry ski mats to improve their learning efficiency. So as a kind of artificial material, dry ski mats certainly needs regular maintenance and maintenance. How to do it? Here, take Snow Monkey as an example to introduce the maintenance methods of dry ski mats.

Snow Monkey has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance and long service life. There are different maintenance methods for different time periods.

In summer and autumn, when the temperature is relatively high, the skis or snow circles will rub against the dry ski mats, causing high heat, which may lead to local softening of the grass blades, increasing friction, and thereby reducing the experience. Therefore, lubricants are needed to increase lubrication and heat dissipation.

Winter and spring temperature is low, especially in the north or high mountain areas, there will be freezing and heavy snow, at this time the best maintenance method is to carry out real snow cover. Covering about 2 centimeters of real snow can play a protective role, then skiing on the dry ski field, foot feeling can be comparable to the real snow field.

Different dry ski products have different maintenance methods, but for different dry ski products of plastic products, the starting point of maintenance is the same, that is to increase the lubrication and cooling during the high temperature; Reduce brittle failure during low temperature.