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The Snowmonkey Ski Simulator is in the Langnifeng Club

Release time:2021-01-22SNOW MONKEYClick:134

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The ski simulator, developed and produced by Snowmonkey, with independent intellectual property rights, will be launched in Shanghai Langnifeng Club in March to provide more adaptable, safer and better experience products for Shanghai ski enthusiasts.


Using intelligent numerical control system, safe protection device and Better authenticity, Snowmonkey has changed the sliding medium of traditional ski simulator. No matter professional skiers or snowboarders, no matter snowboarders or double boarders, they can find their own happiness on the ski simulator.

Grass blanket ski simulator fault tolerance rate is very low, often need to single or double plate for sintering bottom and grinding blade processing to use ski simulator due to its high tolerance, more like real snow, can make all kinds of type, level of skiers faster adapt to slide on the ski simulator on the feeling, the more potential customers, more sales opportunities and lessons.


The ski simulator is suitable for all kinds of skis with the bottom of the skis, and there is no need to sharpen the edge. Users can use their own skiing equipment, which will bring more snow equipment sales to the commercial operation users of the machine.

Snow Monkey: Ride Till High Our brand belief, committed to the combination of high-tech products and experience, provides each skier with a unique range of commercial and personal products.