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China freestyle platform four seasons training base officially started construction

Release time:2021-01-19SNOW MONKEYClick:115

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Invest and build by Funiu Mountain Resort Group, and undertake the design, planning and provision of dry ski carpet by Snow Monkey brand, the Big Air training base project has been started. After completion, it will become a large-scale training base for China's professional ski teams, which can well meet the training requirements of athletes in all stages of the project.


The base is located in the funiu mountain and continuing the arms of the beautiful, beautiful environment, pleasant climate, summer is cool, winter no wind, no cold weather affecting training, base with medium 3 platform, as well as the perfect life, training facilities, and may end in the autumn after the training, directly into the group in the snow park, the winter training, base will start trial operation in May 2021.


Funiu Mountain resort group of suppliers to provide products and solutions for half a year's comparison, analysis and on-the-spot investigation, Snow Monkey because of longevity and good self-lubrication material dry ski carpet, from experiment, mixing, granulation, injection molding the whole chain of production capacity, process quality control and project design ability, lucky enough to become the leading the project design and dry ski carpet providers. This process is not unique, most of our customers at home and abroad have experienced such a process.


As a cutting-edge domestic skiing brand, Snow Monkey has its own production park of more than 20 mu, and has a number of products and material LABS that have been successfully developed. The brand focuses on original research and development, intelligent production and cooperation with fashionable artists.

Snow Monkey: Ride Till High Our brand belief combines new materials with experience and artistic design to provide a range of commercial and personal products for every skier.