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What's the difference between a dry ski simulator and a real ski resort?

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First of all, how does a dry ski simulator work?

The dry ski simulator uses the motor to drive the snow blanket to move upward. The texture of the snow blanket completely simulates the flat and hard snow in the ski resort. The skier slides down at a relative speed to achieve the purpose of learning and exercise. From slow to fast, from flat to steep, from elementary to advanced, step by step.

The key word here is flat hard snow. Flat hard snow means there is not much opportunity to adjust for the wrong movement by pushing/scrubbing, which results in a low fault tolerance for skiing. The sliding effect is a bit like in the severe winter season, those are pressed very solid most of the Zhangjiakou snow resort.

Then, we return to the first slide often fall, there are two cases, one is the skier's own movement is very standard, this kind of people just need to overcome the great contrast between the dry ski simulator and the real ski space brought by the discomfort, can quickly adapt to; The other is that the skier's own movements are not standard. These non-standard movements are easy to be "corrected" in the low fault tolerance dry ski simulator, so they fall more frequently. Some skiers even have the idea that they need to learn the correct posture all over again.

Take the snowboard, for example. General beginners are advised to focus on the forefoot, is as far as possible in order to overcome the beginners because of facing downhill speed fear and tried to focus on foot on instinct, such as after the real master is put on chela, center of gravity not rely on their own flexible adjustment can guarantee the smooth glide, ski resorts on the hard-wired snow also provides you with a high rate of fault tolerance. On the dry ski simulator, once the center of gravity deviates from the front foot, the board due to gravity caused by the opposite direction and should be turned, the blade is unavoidable.

In fact, when you really try Snowmonkey dry ski simulator, you will find that it is more like a meticulous, data-only coach. Every detail of your movements should be precise and in place. Such rigor can promote you to improve as soon as possible, so that you can progress faster and go further in your skiing career. The real snow resort is like a friend, inclusive, relaxed and interesting to get along with, bringing you joy. The two complement each other and cannot be dispensable.