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Skier's looking up and flying

Release time:2020-09-03SNOW MONKEYClick:31

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The sun rises and sunsets, the moon is full and the moon is absent, white clouds and dogs, the starry sky is faint, the sky is simple and beautiful, people look up to the sky as old as ever, sometimes people think that it is their hometown, and the earth is just a temporary hotel.

Therefore, people are eager to fly, how many times have they flew with swallows and eagles in their dreams? Who first saw the moon by the river? How did Jiang Yue shine at the beginning of the year? It also requires that we are all angels with wings, but the red dust is too heavy.


Fortunately, people who have thoughts can break away from the gravity of the earth and embrace those who yearn for pure beauty. When skiers leaped up from the jumping platform and rushed down from the mountains, they had invisible wings. For them it is a tribute to the sky, a pure tribute. At that time, they were children who were intoxicated by the stars, and warriors who flew together with eagles, and their hearts were flying high in the blue sky.

Snow comes from the sky, it is a piece of letter paper. The snow is white and flawless, the white feathers woven into wings. Snow covered the earth, separated from the resistance of the red dust. For them, snow is beautiful. They use their feet, skateboard, courage and fearlessness to establish an intimate relationship with the gift of the sky.

In the ancient city of Luoyang, the Longmen Lucena Buddha looked dignified and kindly as the old tree sprouts. The snow has left in the verdant city.


Although the letter was sent away, the people of SNOWMONKEY still looked at the sky stubbornly. They wanted to draw a portrait of Xue, the messenger, and make wings for the heart in the long spring, summer and autumn. They firmly believe not to bow their heads, look up at the sky of dreams, and their hearts will fly. They use nature as a teacher and their madness for snow as their motivation to create SNOWMONKEY dry snow. Snowmonkey's dry snow has a high degree of simulation of snow, and the rest is looking up to the sky.