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SNOWMONEKY dry snow, extraordinary birth

Release time:2020-08-27SNOW MONKEYClick:30

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Snow, a wonderful work of nature, brings people the beautiful scenery of jade and jade, and the imagination of Qionglou Yuyu is like a dream. While snow gives people the beauty, it also brings joy to people. But snow is short-lived for most places. People's imagination of unmelting snow has been around for a long time. This kind of snow is not in the bitter cold areas of the mountains, nor in the harsh winter of the north wind, but in the sun and in the spring flowers.

Imagination is the wings of science and technology. Imagination that is not put into action is the wings without life. Action without persistence is just a moment of enthusiasm. SNOW MONKEY was given to live for love and move forward for dreams from the very beginning. SNOWMONKEY itself is a sports enthusiast, so there is less commercial noise in the bones of SNOWMONKEY dry ski, and more of it is the fanaticism of ice and snow sports. When fanaticism meets technology, it is born extraordinary.


Dry ski is nothing new. It has been many years since the 1960s. There are many kinds of different shapes. The important purpose of dry snow is to realize the simulation of real snow performance, realize seamless connection with real snow, and restrict the skiing by seasons and regions. To achieve this goal, an understanding of materials is important. This material has suitable self-lubricating properties and elasticity. At the same time, a series of issues such as the athlete's body, the difficulty of obtaining the material, durability and weather resistance, and cost must be considered. He is an avid snow sports enthusiast, and has his own understanding of rubber and plastic materials. He himself runs a rubber and plastic technology materials company, and there is no shortage of materials engineering personnel in his company.

Under these inherent advantages, SNOWMONKEY combined the understanding and opinions of many athletes in the snow circle on the slide. After six years, dry ski turned out. SNOWMONKEY Dry Ski In the past, dry snow needed to be sprinkled with water to maintain the characteristics of lubrication performance, which realized the dry ski slides anhydrous, allowing skiers to enjoy the fun while also allowing ski operators to save the cost of the sprinkler system. All the tedious tasks of maintaining the sprinkler system are eliminated.

Skiing is the same as most sports. In addition to fun, it is people's enthusiasm for nature and a challenge to themselves. Use almost crazy enthusiasm to show people's determination to challenge the impossible, and people's understanding of life. And this is the heart of SNOWMONKEY, to meet challenges and live for dreams.

SNOWMOKEY, RIDE TIIL HIGH. Walk with the dream chaser.