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The Applicable Scope of Dry Skiing

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1. Urban dry skiing

Urban dry skiing refers to the ski resort built in urban areas such as parks and squares, which can reach landmark sports venues within the city. According to the distribution of sports venues and the characteristics of mass sports, it is the best ski resort planning to form an overall urban dry skiing atmosphere. Usually, the scale of this kind of ski resort is relatively large, such as more than 6000 square meters. In the steel structure of the ski resort, there are dry skiing equipment hall, catering service area, high-tech sports (VR, motion sensing sports) area and other sports venues such as tennis, basketball, badminton and so on.

2. Dry skiing in the scenic spot

Dry skiing in the scenic spot refers to the construction in the scenic spot, add a recreation project for the scenic spot, at the same time, the dry skiing with the help of the tourist flow of the scenic spot, enrich the scenic spot projects, increase marketing income.

3. Extreme dry skiing

The extreme dry skiing mainly refers to the extreme snowboard park, which is mainly constructed in the urban park and the suburban independent area. Extreme snowboarding is a basic exercise for all kinds of extreme sports. With the help of the speed of snowboarding and the change of terrain, jumping, turning and other movements can be practiced to improve the coordination, flexibility and control of the body.

Compared with skateboarding, extreme snowboarding park is safer, more professional, better exercise and other characteristics, and the dry ski carpet has the characteristic of bending and bouncing, which plays a buffering role when the extreme sports enthusiasts accidentally fall to the ground, and will not be seriously injured. In addition, on the dry ski carpet sliding acceleration, emergency stop, do the action, due to the friction of the dry ski carpet, so that the various limit action more easy to control, control more strong, more conducive to hone the limit technology.

4. Recreational dry skiing

Recreational dry skiing refers to the recreational ski resort built in amusement parks, shopping malls and other places, such as children's ski resort, snow bucket, dryland motorcycle, dryland go-kart, and children's recreational sports hall centering in ski resort with other recreational sports. Recreational dry skiing is mainly aimed at children and is an upgraded product of children's amusement parks. Compared with amusement facilities such as Naughty Castle, recreational dry skiing not only innovates in entertainment, but also increases the function of sports and fitness to promote the physical development and healthy growth of children.

5. Dry skiing on campus

Dry skiing on campus refers to the construction of ski resort in the campus, the campus needs new aerobic sports in addition to the current regular sports such as basketball and volleyball, on the one hand to enrich students' sports, on the other hand to realize the achievement of 300 million people on snow and ice to make contributions.