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What are the advantages of skiing on a ski simulator

Release time:2020-11-17SNOW MONKEYClick:69

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Some say the ski experience is a far cry from real snow, and while it's always improving, as a new thing, it still has a long way to go to conquer its users. But Snow Monkey has its advantages.

Not afraid of wind and thunder, not afraid of the sun and rain, not affected by the weather conditions, slope and speed can be adjusted according to their actual situation, can make the practice more targeted, through the machine to practice in front of the mirror, at any time to observe their posture, find problems, immediately correct.

High efficiency machine keeps running, the efficiency of sliding will be very high, we press the continuous sliding 15 minutes, the machine running speed calculate, 15 minutes down you are equivalent to sliding 8 kilometers or so, compared to the ski resort on and off the cable car is more efficient.

In order to facilitate the teaching coach can always be within 5 meters of you to guide you and communicate with you, especially when you are still skating to receive guidance, which is not possible even in the snow. In terms of safety, the remote control in the hands of the coach can shut down the machine at any time. With the wearing of protective gear, the safety is still very high.