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The correct posture for double boarding

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1. Base posture

(1) Feet shoulder-width apart, keep legs relaxed, knees bent forward, kneecap located above the instep;

(2) the upper body is straight, slightly forward (parallel to the calf), so that the heel is in a slightly stressed state;

(3) the upper arm is naturally droop and slightly open to both sides, the forearm is extended forward, coordinated and balanced, and the front is visually visible.

2. Movement and sliding skills

When walking in the snow, the skis should be lifted and dropped in turn to move, to avoid the skis constantly rubbing the snow surface. When sliding, on the premise of the basic standing posture, both arms forward, upper body forward bending, snow pole tip falls in front of the toes, both arms at the same time to support backwards. During the glide, the center of gravity can be appropriately lowered to keep the body stable.


3. Turning skills

When turning, follow the formula of eight characters: press left to right, press right to turn left. Turn left, the right leg and right ankle slightly bent, the center of gravity on the right foot, left foot skis floating on the snow, left to draw an arc, the same right turn action is opposite.

4. Stop techniques

With the sole of the foot as the axis, the heel of the foot slowly pushes the tail of the skis outward, and decelerates in a figure of eight.

5. Fall management skills

There are three "don 'ts" when you fall: no hands, no fidgeting, and no rolling. When you fall, you should sit back to the left or right, with your hands at your sides. After falling down, you can hold up your hips and body with your hands and stand up on the skis. You can also put the poles behind your body and support your body with the help of strength.