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A brief discussion on the classification of dry skiing

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According to the way of sports, they can be divided into three categories: the recreational ski resort. The scale and investment of ski resort are relatively small, and most of them are laid in urban areas, parks, scenic spots, amusement parks and other places for children's entertainment and parent-child interaction.

The ski resort, which focuses on experience and teaching, is characterized by large scale and investment, strong entertainment, prominent sports attributes and wide audience. Thus, it can attract tourists, increase operating time (skiing in four seasons) and increase marketing revenue.

The ski resort mainly refers to the terrain park barrier, which is mainly built in the urban park and the suburban independent area. Small scale and investment, relatively strong interactive, social. The ski resort is generally divided into three parts: tourist experience, skill training and enthusiast club. The tourist experience is mainly aimed at beginners of skiing or snowboarding, with interest and increasing sports experience. Skill training is mainly for skiing enthusiasts who have a certain skiing foundation and want to improve their skiing skills.